1000 cubic meters of stone production line equipment every day

1000 cubic meters of stone production line equipment every day
stone production line equipment
The following are the major daily processing 1,000 cubic meters of stone production line equipment needed for my company engineers for a customer with a complete table of stone production line, which is mainly used equipment have 1060 × 2100 trough feeder, PE750 × 1060 Type E crusher, belt conveyor, PFY1315 type crusher, PYB1750 cone crusher, 3YA2160 type shaker and other auxiliary equipment, the following are here to explain the use of each device plays. 1,1060 × 2100 trough to the feeder: The machine is heavy feeder, heavy chunks of stones can be fed into the crusher evenly. 2, pcl crusher PE750 × 160 jaw crusher: crushing machine than a large, large pieces of material can be broken. 3, PFY1315 crusher: the case of crushing machine, the machine on a coarse crushed material broken broken again. 4, PYB1750 cone crusher: stone production line is generally only used in jaw crusher and impact crusher, cone crusher used here is why because of the special requirements of customers fineness of stone, so here we add? with a cone crusher for crushing a finer stone. 5,3YA2160 shaker: three circular vibrating screen, capable of screening out of three sizes of stone for customers to choose, Sand As for the screen by how much depends on the customer’s needs. Mill 6, the conveyor belt: from transport in stone production line in a supporting role, will be transported to the stone crusher, the finished collection, non-refined return crusher and so on.

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