Belt conveyor

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Belt Conveyor is stone and sand production line production line important material handling equipment, widely used in mining, metallurgical and coal industry, used to transport loose materials or items, for conveying bulk density of less than 1.67 / t / cubic meters, easy to dig a powder, granular, small block of low-abrasive materials and bags of materials such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer, food and so on. Material temperature is less than 60 ℃ fed material.

[Materials]:All kinds of sand or stone


Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor Manufacturer/Supplier

Shanghai Xuan Shi Machinery Company is a professional belt conveyor manufacturer in China, we have 30 years of belt conveyors production experience, advanced technology products, reliable quality, unanimously approved by domestic and foreign customers, belt conveyor sales in Russia , United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, India and other regions more than 80 countries worldwide!

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