Cheap mobile portable PF Impact Crusher

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Cheap mobile portable PF Impact Crusher
Mobile portable PF impact crusher , P is the first letter of pinyin crusher , F is anti- impact type Pinyin initials in the international English name is Impact Crusher. Portable mobile crusher can process PF 100-500 mm below the material side , with compressive strength up to 350 MPa , with a crushing ratio, cubic particles after crushing the material advantages . Widely used in building materials , ore crushing , railway , highway , energy, transportation, energy, cement, mining , chemical and other industries used in crushing materials. Its nesting particle size can be adjusted , broken standard diversification.
Cheap mobile portable PF Impact Crusher
PF mobile portable crusher working principle : PF crusher is a crushing able to use the material impact crusher . When the machine work , driven by the electric motor , high-speed rotation of the rotor , while the material into the plate hammer area , and the impact on the rotor plate hammer crusher , then was thrown back again broken device , then from the back liner bombs back to the blow bar again broken, this process is repeated , the material descending into one , two , three back cavity repeated broken until the material is crushed to the desired particle size from the discharge port . Adjust the gap between the rotor frame and back up to change the material shape of the particle size and material purposes . Stone by the machine directly into the high-speed rotation of the upper part of the dial ; under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part to produce high-speed shunt umbrella way collision with a high density of crushed stone fly around the turntable , stone in the fight against one another , will repeatedly hit each other and cause friction , crushing, straight from the lower discharge between the turntable and chassis form a vortex motion . Forming a closed loop several times , controlled by screening equipment to reach the required size .

PF mobile portable crusher is usually used to crush limestone , coal, calcium carbide , quartz, dolomite , sulfide ore , gypsum and chemical raw materials , such as hard- brittle materials below . The main models are: mobile portable impact crusher PF1010 , PF1210 impact crusher , PF1214 impact crusher , PF1315 impact crusher , PF1320 impact crusher , mobile portable PF1422 impact crusher and so on.

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