How to buy portable mobile jaw crusher?

portable mobile jaw crusher
Currently, portable mobile jaw crusher on the diverse types of markets , many manufacturers , users want to buy do not know how to choose. Generally , buyers will be more favored good reputation , strength, perfect after-sales big manufacturers , but also can not be ignored its own characteristics . Following on from the structure, properties , etc., to analyze how to buy portable mobile jaw crusher .

1 into the nesting materials and granularity

Portable mobile jaw crusher into granular materials directly related to the discharge of its production capacity and operating results. Different manufacturers into the crusher discharge size materials will be different aspects , such as Red Star Heavy production crusher, model specification is complete , the maximum feed size up to 1500mm, the nesting population adjustment range is based on different models have big difference , to meet the needs of different users .
portable mobile jaw crusher
2 . Durability of components

Portable mobile jaw crusher in the case of long-running , it is easy to wear and tear parts , such as liner design and materials that directly affect their life, bearing selection and assembly if unreasonable , it is easy to burn out and so on. Therefore, in the time of purchase , must pay more attention to the aspects of material selection , specification , assembly and other major components.

3 Maintenance is easy

Long-term operation of large equipment , failure is inevitable. Choose portable mobile jaw crusher , in addition to their quality , but also its maintenance workload size in everyday use , maintenance is convenient. Ensuring constant or even increase machine performance at the same time , simple machine structure is not only easy to operate , maintenance more convenient, will greatly reduce downtime , improve work efficiency .

4 . The applicability of the material

In terms of material hardness, moisture , viscosity, etc. will be different , and different users of the product size requirements will be very different. Therefore, the user prior to purchase, first analyze the material . Water is generally not more than 5% of the material , the material is relatively large water content will affect the throughput of materials, the use of power , the standard model of portable mobile jaw crusher should reach about 80% , the short head type of portable mobile jaw crusher should reach about 85%.

5 . Equipment is saving

Portable mobile jaw crusher cavity preferably in the form of deep cavity hyperboloid , negative support , zero suspension, high slew of small eccentricity and deep cavity structure to match the frequency of the device can obtain high processing power, low wear , low-power performance, stand-alone energy-saving 15% to 30%, saving the system reaches more than doubled. Be sure to pay attention to this when purchasing fully understood.

Finally, I want to buy a portable reminder jaw crusher mobile users : conditional, visit the manufacturer’s customer production site , to speak with the facts , be sure to shop around carefully inspected and selected carefully .

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