How to use urban construction waste money?

Construction waste recycling equipment
How to use urban construction waste money? Mobile crusher processing capability how?

With the development of Chinese economy and the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, environmental protection industry get more and more support, improve the utilization efficiency of resources become all levels attach great importance to a great event. Five-year and offered to increase the intensity of urbanization construction, before this, China can produce every year 3 x 107-4 x 107 m2 old buildings, produce tens of thousands of construction waste, among the construction process of only 40 million tons of construction waste residue. Common processing method is moved to the suburbs, the countryside, the outdoor buried. The disadvantages of this way are well known, how to become a key to waste.
Construction waste recycling equipment
The emergence of the mobile crusher for not only solve the problem of construction waste, compared to other treatment is the most convenient, the quickest one form. The main composition of construction waste is waste concrete and brick. This two kinds of the need to deal with the mobile crusher for re-use, while the other wastes a little clean can. Mobile crusher is the jaw crusher, cone crusher and other crusher equipment combination, can move freely, is the best equipment to deal with construction waste.

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