Mobile crushing plant equipment specializing in concrete crushing

Mobile crushing plant equipment specializing in concrete crushing
Mobile crushing plant equipment specializing in concrete crushing

Of years, the rapid development of infrastructure , urban planning , the construction waste is more recent , and the infrastructure needed gravel materials are in short supply . Looking at the current status of the development of domestic construction production , we can see that the direction of development of contemporary arts building waste are: large-scale equipment , mining centralization ; continuous mining technology ; simplification and consolidation of the mining process of production processes ; mining technology integration.
Mobile crushing plant equipment specializing in concrete crushing
The main components of construction waste is brick, stone , concrete, etc. , which are processed broken an important process , developed by Kai Hing mining machine construction waste tire type mobile crushing station and hydraulic drive track-type mobile crushing station , specifically for construction waste produce environmental and launch timely follow-up face forward, reduce transportation costs , which greatly improves the efficiency of construction waste .

For urban construction waste, concrete handling difficult , nothing better solution ,  Shanghai Xuan Shi is a professional production of construction waste disposal equipment , mobile crushing plant , mobile screening stations and other types of professional handling of abandoned buildings materials and other materials and equipment , fundamentally , the way construction waste recycling are: ( 1 ) the use and disposal of abandoned buildings of concrete masonry production aggregate thickness can be used in concrete , mortar or preparation , such as the production of the appropriate intensity level puzzle blocks , panels , tiles and other building materials . After the coarse and fine aggregate added curing type material , can also be used for road pavement base . ( 2 ) production using waste brick aggregates for the production of recycled brick , block , wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials . ( 3 ) can be used for road construction muck , pile filler , foundation , etc.

Shanghai Xuan Shi company after years of research and development , well- developed large-scale mobile crushing and screening equipment , a variety of large-scale multi- stage crushing bulk materials , has a small footprint , equipment flexibility, convenience , flexibility , and can be save a lot of infrastructure and relocation expenses and so on. Also environmentally-friendly device – noise muffler , the best noise absorption systems, equipment compact and flexible to better meet between urban construction waste crushing operations , effective dust removal system , suitable for diesel noise emission conditions, the system can be remotely controlled hydraulic release exclude barriers to mobile crushing station , the pre-screening devices greatly improve crushing efficiency .

Shanghai Shi Xuan produced mobile crushing station can also be designed or modified particularity mobile crushing station , the maximum to meet the needs of construction waste crushing the actual scene. Tire Series mobile crushing plant to eliminate broken space , the environment, the complex base configuration crushing operations to customers as the primary obstacle to a solution . Truly provide customers simple, efficient and cost-effective operation of the project hardware.

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