Portable mobile crusher manufacturers and Performance

Portable mobile crusher manufacturers
Mobile crusher Features | mobile crusher Status

Own mobile crusher crusher station belongs, is a high-efficiency crushing equipment. A self-driven approach, advanced technology and complete functions. In any terrain, this device can reach anywhere in the workplace. Its target market is: mainly used for crushing road asphalt concrete waste and construction waste, and partially replace the traditional impact crusher and jaw crusher for rock, ore, coal and other coarse broken, the broken and fine break.

The mobile crusher machine is my gravel institute a number of experts with the actual situation of domestic and foreign production of sand and gravel, and carefully developed out of. The biggest advantage of the mobile crusher crusher compared with ordinary is easy to move, small footprint, can be directly selected venue, place to live can be put into production, due to the crushing station built directly on the surface of the mine to exclude a large number of trucks transport, can be widely applied to various industries operating mine production engineering
Portable mobile crusher manufacturers
Own mobile crusher performance and features

(1) can be used not only broken asphalt concrete waste and construction waste, but also the breaking strength of 300MPa ore, wide range of applications;

(2) Capacity: 100 t / h;

(3) The maximum feed size: 700mm;

(4) crushing unit: Impact Crusher (2 or 4 breaker);

(5) Power Unit: Deutz diesel engine;

(6) Operation: airborne control device, wireless remote control, wired remote arbitrary choice;

(7) Multifunction: a coarse crushing and fine crushing function;

(8) Automatic vibration feeding system;

(9) remote controlled hydraulic crusher exclude the fault;

(10) automatic load control conveyor;

Inside and outside (11) crusher dust with water spray systems;

(12) Crusher with magnetic separator, the concrete containing metal can be separated;

(13) Crusher own generators to facilitate field operations;

(14) compact structure, good mobility (19 to 23 tons), the largest transport dimensions: length 8200mm, width 2460mm, height 2950mm, can use their own wireless remote control up and down the flatbed, with a 3-axis light load trailer to transport.

It is a mobile crushing station, with a large capacity, high degree of automation, by adjusting the position of the back plate of the hydraulic or switch to a different board hammer, to achieve the different materials on a rough break their own mobile crusher, in breaking and fine broken, Broken is a concentrated expression of modern technology.

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