Portable Mobile limestone sand production process

Portable Mobile limestone sand production process
Portable Mobile limestone sand production process

Limestone sand production process, limestone production line Equipment. Also called calcite limestone, and its main component is calcium carbonate. Limestone is a common non-metallic minerals.

Limestone is non-renewable resources, time changes, the scientific development has become increasingly diverse, limestone application fields are also further expand, in recent years, due to the increasing maturity of the development of limestone, the standardization, more and more manufacturers in limestone areas, especially in sand and gravel, the sand factory, sand making equipment WanShanHua, let sand manufacturers bonanza.

The limestone can be directly processed into stone and calcined lime, production machinery casting sand casting. Limestone production casting sand is 28 ~ 75 mesh, the sand has more superior performance than quartz sand, breakup sex good, easy to clear shakeout, improve the quality of the casting surface, increase the casting surface luminosity, lime and limestone a lot will be used as building material at the same time, also is many industrial raw materials.

Based on the current form of lime stone sand, Shanghai XSM machinery company, positive enterprising, studying in lime sand stone equipment, pioneering spirit, has developed a set of available for lime stone sand production line equipment. Main equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher limestone, limestone, limestone counterattack crusher, stone sand machine, etc., once use, deeply customer consistent high praise.

Used in the lime stone sand production line of each equipment main use:
Portable Mobile limestone sand production process
1) vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder is introduced: the vibrating feeder can be put in the process of work uniform block/granular materials from storage bin, timing, and continuously into the device, in the sand and gravel production line can be broken continuous evenly feed machinery, and carries on the coarse screening for material, widely used in metallurgy, coal mining, ore dressing, building materials, chemical, abrasive and other industries crushing, screening combination equipment.

(2) portable mobile limestone for jaw crusher are main structure frame, eccentric shaft, pulley, flywheel, moving jaw, side guard plate, bracket, bracket in the back seat, adjustable gap screw, reset spring, fixed jaw and movable jaw plate, etc, the bracket also have insurance effect. This series of jaw crusher broken way for dynamic JiYaXing, motor drive belt and pulley, make through eccentric shaft dynamic jaw movement up and down, when moving jaw rises between the bracket and dynamic jaw Angle, so as to promote dynamic jaw plate to the fixed jaw close, at the same time the limestone multiple broken by extrusion, rolling, grinding, etc. When the moving jaw downward, bracket and dynamic jaw Angle between smaller, under the action of moving jaw in a bar, spring away from fixed jaw plate, now broken material from crushing cavity mouth eduction, as the motor turns continuously broken mobile jaw for periodic crushing and discharging, realize batch production.

(3) the portable mobile counterattack broken limestone, limestone counterattack crusher (counterattack broken) is my company in absorbing advanced technology both at home and abroad, combined with domestic gravel industry specific industrial and mining conditions and the development of the latest generation of counterattack crusher, the latest manufacturing technology, unique structure design, processing and finished products are cube, no tension and crack, grain forms a good, can break feed particle size less than 500 mm, less than 350 mpa compressive strength of all kinds of coarse, medium and fine crushing limestone, its crushing principle is that, under the drive of the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the plate hammer function area, and the rotor plate hammer impact broken, and then again to counter device is broken, and then back to the board from the back plate hammer function area is broken again, this process is repeated, material from big to small into one, two, three, back cavity repeated broken, until the material being broken to the required size, is being exhausted from port discharge. Adjust the clearance between the back frame and rotor can achieve the purpose of the material discharging granularity and material to change shape.

(4) the portable mobile sand lime stone machine: limestone VSI series high efficient vertical shaft impactor system sand machine is Germany authoritative expert combining with the working conditions of China’s latest design results, is the current domestic production of the world level high performance sand production equipment. Large quantity, high output – 50-500 t/h, and compared under the same power of traditional equipment, production increased by 30% and stability. Low parts consumption – best material impact Angle of crushing cavity.problems in the design, less friction and wear parts, 40% lower than conventional equipment running cost, directly reduce the use of the equipment cost. Grain products – product shows a cube, grain shape good, reasonable gradation, fineness modulus of adjustable plastic, especially suitable for artificial sand and stone proved than other traditional equipment sand, cosmetic effect increased by 30%.

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