Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturers China

Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturers China
Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturers China
Vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill operation: Motor through reducer drive disc rotates, the material through the air lock feeder falls from the inlet central disc, while hot air from the inlet into the mill.As the disc rotates, the material under the centrifugal force, moving to the edge of the disc, the disc through the annular groove when subjected to roller compaction and crushing, the crushed material is at the edge of the disc with high-speed airflow from the air ring, large particles straight into the disc re-grinding, the material in the airflow through the upper separator. Under the effect of the rotation of the rotor, meals fell from the cone disc re-grinding.Qualified fine powder with airflow grinding, through collecting dust collecting device, namely for the product. Contains water material is in the process of contact with the hot air flow drying, by adjusting the hot blast temperature, can satisfy the requirement of different humidity material, water reach the required products. By adjusting the separator, different products can reach the required thickness degrees.

Vertical roller mill equipment manufacturers

Shanghai Xuanshi mining machinery co., LTD., provide project design, process design, equipment choose scheme suitable for your machine. According to your special requirements, design and manufacture of products, technical training for you accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment operation, and assist to draft the construction scheme and detailed process.

Vertical roller mill is our company in order to solve the industrial mill output, low energy consumption higher technical challenges, absorb the advanced technology and combining with my company for many years advanced milling machine design and manufacture of idea and market demand, after years of improved large grinding equipment and design. Vertical mill adopts the structure of reasonable and reliable design, with advanced technological process, drying, grinding, choose powder, ascension as a whole, especially in large grinding process, fully meet customer demand, the main technical and economic index reached the international advanced level.

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